Lavar Ball Staring His Own League

Thats right, ┬áLavar is going to start up a new basketball league that will include the top amateur players around the country instead of going to college. He plans on paying the players $3,000 to $10,000 per month. The NCAA refuses to pay their athletes but find themselves making millions of dollars on their student-athletes likeness. That sounds unfair and I believe it is because nearly every NBA prospect that plays in college doesn’t care about the free education they’re getting but instead only focused on making it to the NBA and getting paid. This idea has been a long time coming but just needed somebody bold enough and to pull this off and Lavar is that definitely that guy.

Dick Enberg Passes Away

Long time and legendary sports commentator Dick Enberg has passed away at the age of 82. He’s called practically every major sport out there in including UCLA basketball, LA Rams football, Angels and Padres baseball, tennis and many many others. He will be greatly missed by me and his colleagues. Very surprising news as he was doing a weekly podcast and tweeting everyday as if his retirement and health were in good shape.


On a local level, San Diego State played The University of San Diego on Thursday 11/30. The game was played at USD but SDSU prevailed 66-57 behind red hot freshman Devin Watson, who scored 26 points and played the whole game. This brings the SDSU record to 6-2 and USD to 5-1. State will take on Bradley University on 12/3 and USD plays UC Santa Barbera on 12/2