Lavar Ball Staring His Own League

Thats right,  Lavar is going to start up a new basketball league that will include the top amateur players around the country instead of going to college. He plans on paying the players $3,000 to $10,000 per month. The NCAA refuses to pay their athletes but find themselves making millions of dollars on their student-athletes likeness. That sounds unfair and I believe it is because nearly every NBA prospect that plays in college doesn’t care about the free education they’re getting but instead only focused on making it to the NBA and getting paid. This idea has been a long time coming but just needed somebody bold enough and to pull this off and Lavar is that definitely that guy.

Cavs Keep Rolling

The Cleveland Cavaliers win last night made it a bakers dozen of wins in a row for them. They tied the franchise mark at 13 and its only the third time in franchise history they’ve done so. LeBron James is playing some of the best basketball I’ve seen in recent memory.  His squad is without the likes of  Tristen Thompson, Isaiah Thomas, and Iman Shumpert all due to injuries, and yet LeBron keeps it all flowing as if they were all playing. He’s averaging 27.2 pts, 8.9 Reb, 8.2 ast, .573% from the field, and .473% from beyond the arc. Cavs look to stay hot and break the win streak record when they play the Pacers next. I have a feeling they will, the Pacers are average at best.

Fantasy Basketball

Its been a bad week to say the least for one of my fantasy basketball teams (yahoo sports). First off I had the number four pick in the draft and I regretfully chose Steph Curry. To make it worse, the greek freak was available and I passed a stat stuffer for a fragile shooter. He ends up spraining his ankle and is out at least two weeks and i had to put him on the injured list. Already on the IL for me is Blake Griffin, who is out at least eight weeks. Then just yesterday another one of my players Devin Booker hurt his quad and is now out at least two weeks and there’s no more injured list spots available so i just have to shorthanded until one of them becomes healthy again. To fill the voids for the time being, I picked up Kris Dunn and Rajon Rondo. Hopefully they can stay hot and keep my team in first place.

Ball Family Making Headlines…AGAIN

If you haven’t heard by now, the Ball family, especially Lavar (father) loves the spotlight more than anybody. Most recently, LiAngelo, the middle child and two of his UCLA teammates were caught shoplifting at three separate upper class storefronts in China. The three were facing up to ten years behind bars in said country. Luckily they were able to return to the U.S.A. pretty much unscathed except for being suspended ‘indefinitely’ by UCLA. President Trump is to thank for that. At least thats what he proclaims.

Which all leads to what happened on Monday, 12/4/18, where Lavar decided to pull LiAngelo out of UCLA. Lavar states that he is exploring other options, which could mean he’s looking to transfer his son to another college or even go pro somewhere over-seas. Nothing has been decided as of yet. In my opinion, LiAngelo will never sniff the NBA and will be lucky to latch on to a decent professional European squad.


On a local level, San Diego State played The University of San Diego on Thursday 11/30. The game was played at USD but SDSU prevailed 66-57 behind red hot freshman Devin Watson, who scored 26 points and played the whole game. This brings the SDSU record to 6-2 and USD to 5-1. State will take on Bradley University on 12/3 and USD plays UC Santa Barbera on 12/2