Solarte Traded

The San Diego Padres have traded fan favorite third baseman Yangervis Solarte to the Toronto Blue Jays for outfield prospect Edward Olivaris. As a Padres fan this sucks because he was a leader with a positive attitude and always hustled on the field. Looks like Chase Headley will claim third base now.

Hosmer Watch

Free agent All-Star and world series champion first baseman Eric Hosmer has two lucrative offers on the table. The Kansas City Royals are offering 7 years $147 million and the San Diego Padres are offering 7 years $140 million. As a Padres fan, this would huge and exciting. It would be the the most money the Padres have ever paid one player in their history if this comes to fruition. With Wil Myers already playing first base for the Padres, this would seem to be a controversy waiting to happen but Myers said he’s willing to move back to the outfield where he started his career ironically enough in Kansas City.

Dick Enberg Passes Away

Long time and legendary sports commentator Dick Enberg has passed away at the age of 82. He’s called practically every major sport out there in including UCLA basketball, LA Rams football, Angels and Padres baseball, tennis and many many others. He will be greatly missed by me and his colleagues. Very surprising news as he was doing a weekly podcast and tweeting everyday as if his retirement and health were in good shape.

Longoria Goes From One Bay To Another

The San Francisco Giants have acquired three-time American League all-star Evan Longoria from the Tampa Bay Rays. The Giants are sending their number one ranked prospect, shortstop Christian Arroyo along with veteran outfielder Denard Span and two other minor league prospects.

Longoria hit .261 with 20 home runs and 86 RBI. Not only is he a good hitter, he won his third hold glove last season. Giants are filling a big hole at third base with this acquisition and are definitely not done making moves i would think.

Stanton On The Move

The 2017 National League MVP, Giancarlo Stanton has waived his full no trade clause to join the New York Yankees from the Miami Marlins. He is known for his devastating power, having hit a total of 267 homers over his 8 year MLB career. This comes as a surprise because Stanton initially said he didn’t want to join them only about a week ago. The LA Dodgers, who he rooted for growing up in southern California, seemed to be the favorite to acquire the slugger after he named them as the team he would waive his no trade clause for. That obviously didn’t come to fruition. The Yankees are sending second baseman Starlin Castro and two prospects to Miami, but most importantly and the deal sealer, New York is going to pay all but $30 million of the $295 million remaining on Stanton’s contract.

I guess you can say the Yankees can claim their nickname ‘Bronx Bombers’ legitimately once again. Stanton joins the 2017 rookie of the year Aaron Judge, who himself hit 56 ┬áhome runs with 114 rbi in first season. Thats by far the deadliest one two combo in MLB.

One thing that made me laugh was thinking that even though Yankees legend, Derek Jeter isn’t part of the organization anymore, he’s still very much helping them out with this Stanton trade. Jeter is a part owner of the Miami Marlins and hasn’t been hesitant to make moves right away by also sending speedster, Dee Gordon to the Seattle Mariners. Marlins are definitely in a sell now and re-build mode once again. With new ownership, maybe the re-build won’t be as long and bad as previous occasions.

Ohtani Signs With Angels

Huge news coming down today as Japanese phenom Shohei Ohtani signs with LA Angels. The Padres and Mariners were the two favorite to sign Ohtani according to reports, so this comes as a surprise to most people.

Ohtani’s agent states: “What mattered to him most wasn’t market size, time zone or league but that he felt a true bond with the Angels. He sees this as the best environment to develop and reach the next level and attain his career goals.”

Finally the best player in my opinion, Mike Trout gets some legitimate help. He’s won two MVP’s recently but his team is always under performing around him. An old Albert Pujols can only do one thing nowadays, hitting homeruns and thats just not good enough. Angels signed star outfielder, Justin Upton this off-season after acquiring him in a trade during the 2017!season. Trout, Ohtani and Upton should be a deadly threesome in the middle of the Angels lineup but only time will tell if Ohtani can live up to the hype hitting and pitching.

Now, as a Padres fan, this one stings more than walking through a bee farm. I had feeling they were going to sign him because of all the Japanese connections throughout the organization but to no avail. This is nothing new to the San Diego sports scene. We constantly get kicked in the gut and get looked down upon by the national media. Hell, the Chargers just left for bitter sports rival town LA, and now we lose out again to the city 2 hours north of us.

Japanese Star Narrows His MLB List

Shonei Ohtani, a 23 year old two way baseball star in the Japan league, who can throw up to 100 mph and has devastating power as a hitter, has come forward with his final seven MLB teams. The Padres, Dodgers, Angels, Mariners, Cubs, Rangers and Giants all have to be ecstatic to still be in the running. Now, as a Padres fan, this is huge news! The little baseball town south of big bad LA, who never gets national respect, actually has a good chance to sign the biggest Japanese sensation since Ichiro. San Diego’s GM, A.J. Preller is known for his international prowess, and his reputation seems to be coming to fruition.

Ohtani turned down powerhouses in the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees for the chance to be on the west coast and closer the pacific rim. He is known to be mild mannered and very low key, so a smaller market was imperative. Not too sure how the LA Dodgers and Chicago Cubs are still in the mix with both being top 3 major sports markets in America, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Fingers crossed for my hometown San Diego Padres.