Is Baker Mayfield The Next Manziel?

Both have Heisman trophies and both absolutely love the spotlight, even if it’s for the wrong reasons. If you haven’t heard about Maziels failed NFL endeavor and off the field antics then can I call you Patrick the star? Basically he was caught doing drugs, always partying, and not taking the NFL seriously at all. Baker Mayfield, the QB of Oklahoma, is killing defenses and perhaps his draft stock with his on and off the field issues. From egging on opposing fans, staking an Ohio State flag at mid-field or grabbing his crotch aimed towards the Kansas Jayhawks, he definitely has an ego up to the moon and is competitive as hell. Both him and Manziel can definitely light up opposing college defenses but we already saw in Manziel’s case that the NFL is a whole new playground. I hope Mayfield doesn’t follow Jonny Football’s legacy and can be successful in the NFL because I see great competitor and somebody who actually wants to win and not solely the spotlight.

Here’s a video of Baker Mayfield running from the police.

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