Monday Night Football

Last night, 12/4/18, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals played another high intensity, hard hitting and borderline brutal game. Steelers star linebacker Ryan Shazier was left motionless on the floor from the waist down after he tackled an opposing player with the crown of his helmet. He has a history of doing this, and this time it really backfired in a big way. There’s no report yet on his condition, but we do know its something pretty serious because he was carted off the field and sent immediately to the hospital.

You would think both teams would dial it down a bit after seeing their fellow NFL brother go down, but it was quite the opposite to say the least. Steelers wide receiver, Juju Smith-Schuster, put a huge blindside block on the controversial Bengals linebacker, Vontaze Burfict, which had him leave the field on a cart as well. Smith-Schuster has been suspended one game for his actions. Lastly, Bengals safety George Iloka laid out Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown with an illegal hit as Brown was making a touchdown reception. That hit resulted in a one game suspension for Iloka. All in all, this game was one of the most intense games I can remember and I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Its like we went back into the 80’s and saw true smash mouth football which we definitely don’t see nearly as much do to new rules and regulations.

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