Ball Family Making Headlines…AGAIN

If you haven’t heard by now, the Ball family, especially Lavar (father) loves the spotlight more than anybody. Most recently, LiAngelo, the middle child and two of his UCLA teammates were caught shoplifting at three separate upper class storefronts in China. The three were facing up to ten years behind bars in said country. Luckily they were able to return to the U.S.A. pretty much unscathed except for being suspended ‘indefinitely’ by UCLA. President Trump is to thank for that. At least thats what he proclaims.

Which all leads to what happened on Monday, 12/4/18, where Lavar decided to pull LiAngelo out of UCLA. Lavar states that he is exploring other options, which could mean he’s looking to transfer his son to another college or even go pro somewhere over-seas. Nothing has been decided as of yet. In my opinion, LiAngelo will never sniff the NBA and will be lucky to latch on to a decent professional European squad.

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