The gift of drama and controversy that just keeps on giving. With the college football season not even over yet, there have been hirings, firings and constant rumors. Lets start at Tennessee, where there’s more drama about coaches than a MTV reality show. Most of you remember the whole Lane Kiffin debacle and quite honestly, it hasnt got much better. The Vols recently fired head coach Butch Jones who was accused of covering sexual harassment accusations against some of his players a couple years back, but he was producing wins on the field so the AD and boosters kept him on the payroll. That all soon crumbled and Tennessee were underperforming and the fans and boosters clambering for a change. This all came full circle when the school offered their head coaching gig to ex NFL and Rutgers Univ. head coach Greg Schiano. As Schiano was in transit to Tennessee to sign his new contract, fans flooded the university protesting the soon to be signee by saying he had knowledge of the Jerry Sandusky child rape case at Penn State. Although Schiano was never included in the investigation and has repeatedly denied any knowledge of the situation, the Vols fans still put that against him to the point where the school had to rescind their offer and move on to find another replacement for their vacancy. So you’re telling me that the school, fans and boosters were ok with keeping Butch Jones around after what he allegedly covered up, but went crazy in a bad way about hiring a guy who was never involved in the Penn State child rape case. Seems pretty contradictory to me. I think they just want a better coach and used that against him to stop the hiring. Mike Leach of Washington State looks to be the guy Tennessee wants now.

As for Jimbo Fisher (Florida State), he’s most likely on his way to Texas A&M and SEC country for a reportedly 10 year 75 million dollar deal. It is yet to be seen who Florida State will replace Fisher with. Nebraska almost has has the signature of UCF head coach Scott Frost, who has the Golden Knights undefeated and ranked #12 in the country. After firing underperforming coach Jim Mora Jr., UCLA hired one of the most coveted coaches on the market. His name…Chip Kelly, who returns to the Pac-12 where he had major success at Oregon, taking them all the way to the national championship game. UCLA is hoping to get the same kind of success out of Chip, which in my eyes they can. He brings an up tempo high scoring offensive playbook that will haunt any defensive coordinator. Look out for UCLA to take off in the near future.

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