First blog post

Hey what’s up anybody and everybody. This has been a long time coming, 25 years to be exact (my age). My very own sports site to talk and discuss the world of sports. Anything from American football to world fútbol or basketball to hockey and many others. Sports have always been my passion and love without a doubt. I’m always watching some game, highlights and sports talk shows (tv and radio). Being born and raised in San Diego, CA and my dad being a padres and chargers fan, of course I adopted those teams. Even though the chargers moved to LA I still find myself rooting for them. Its most likely because of Philip Rivers and also the uniforms and most of the roster is the same as it was in San Diego. My other teams I closely follow are the Phoenix Suns, San Jose Sharks and FC Barcelona (we’ll get more in-depth about why on later blogs and podcasts) . I’m also going to be producing my own podcast in the near future. Im still new and learning how this all works exactly but I already progressed pretty well with this new website created. There will be way more to come! I’m excited share my passion with you all. Thank you

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